Times and seasons happen to us all, for everything there is a season; a time period for everything under the sun( Ecclesiastes 3:1).

Nothing happens outside a period of time and season. As we begin a new year, understand that we have began a new season: another period of time. Therefore it is paramount that we begin well.

Begin with an expectation! Let hope be part of your journey. Be expectant for a better season. A season of unending joy.

Begin with some intentionality! Don’t just exist, but begin the journey with life. Make some corrections and learn from the mistakes. Leave some things behind and carry better things along. Do some things differently for different and better results.

Start something new that is worth perusing, set new goals and make plans to achieve them. Challenge yourself to be better in this new season.

More importantly begin by the leading of the spirit of God; the Holy Spirit. Let him guide and teach you for His name’s sake.( Psalm 31:3).

Dear one, as we have begun a new year, please understand that it isn’t just another day but a new season; another period of time which has never been before, history is being made.



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