Because of love, We Forgive!

Love does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs 
1 corinthians 13:5

If we claim we love each other, then we ought to forgive each other. Love is enough reason to let go the bitterness we feel in our hearts.

One way to show love to yourself, is to forgive yourself when you fault and to forgive others when they fault.

Forgiveness is not only for those who wrong us but also that we may drop off burdens so we can move on in joy. You do your self good and you show yourself love when you forgive.

The enemy will try to deceive you that you have a right to stay angry but that is to steal the peace and joy you have in your heart.

Another thing is, forgiving others when they fault is an act of love. The bible admonishes us to love. The christian faith has it’s foundation in love. Christ dieing for our sins is because he loved us. God’s love for us is the reason our sins are forgiven. It’s the reason we have salvation and it’s the reason we have life. It’s the reason we are no longer under law but grace. God’s love for us is merciful hence he always embraces us even when we err.

Remember, we all need forgiveness. We forgive because we love and because we love, we forgive.

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