Building Confidence

Be confident

I believe being confident, is having the feeling/spirit of boldness and courage. A strong believe in something you know.

Confidence drives away fear and helps us build our faith in God. ( Philipians 1:6). Fear is the very reason we don’t get to do more. It holds us back from receiving from God and fills our minds with negative thoughts which leads to failure.

Permit me to say, lack of confidence can bring about failure. Yes! If you do anything in fear and doubt, you wouldn’t be able to give your best. You give your best when you are confident.

Journey to confidence

I do believe , that the very first step to building confidence, is knowing who you are and believing in yourself. Untill you can be confident in yourself , someone or something, you may need to know something about yourself or them then, believe. Then, it’s possible to know and not believe and that doesn’t make much difference. We need to belive what we know as well.

Accepting and embracing ‘you’ helps to build confidence too. Stop trying to correct everything there is about you. Just because someone made a comment about you does not mean you should change ‘you’. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you can’t change everything.

Know this!!

Confidence has nothing to do with being perfect. It is actually when you are aware of your imperfections and insecurities and yet not allowing them get to you. So yes, a confident person may feel nervous sometimes or even be anxious but what makes one confident is the fact that you do what you do even in fear and nervousness. This can only happen when your confidence is in the Lord.

As belivers, our confidence is found in the Lord. When we know that God is with us and also believe that indeed he is with us, it helps us build our confidence. We begin our journey to confidence when we know and believe our father will never leave nor forsake us.

We may have lost our confidence while growing up or may have never had one. Today I came to tell you that we can build our confidence regardless of what is happening around us because God says so. He says he has overcome the world for us. Let’s build it little by little so we can achieve purpose.


Let’s look to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Let’s know all he says and thinks about us. Let’s believe in all he says and thinks about us, refuting all those negative thoughts that takes away our confidence. God’s word moulds us and transforms us into a master piece for his purpose. Let’s confess the word of God day and night so that we may not forget and that we may have good success

Have you wondered why God instructed Joshua to be bold and courageous in Joshua 1:9 ??🤔…. Let’s meditate on that this week. God bless you.

You can never be great without confidence


5 thoughts on “Building Confidence

  1. Confidence shows our readiness for whatever we are embarking on regardless of what may happen along the way. I think focussing on the glory of the end feeds your courage to grow. God bless you Herty for this eye opening word.

  2. Thank you Miss Herty. God bless you richly. “The first step to building confidence, is knowing who you are and believing in yourself”.

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