It has become necessary for every christian to watch and pray, looking at the time and season we find ourselves. Jesus himswlf admonishes us to pray always(1 Thessalonians 5:17). Praying does not just happen; there must be an intentional decision and plan for it. Sometimes our busy schedules make it impossible to pray, if we do not intentionally create time or a system that helps us to pray, we can easily go weeks without praying. We need to plan. This is what I call ” building prayer systems“. We must build a system that helps us to watch and pray.

A system can be described as a number of things that works together to accomplish an assignment. It is also known as a plan or means by which a task is accomplished.

Building prayer systems means developing an action plan/strategy which helps you to pray; create a routine that incorporates prayer, helps you to be consistent and your prayer effective.

I’ll share with you some few tips in building systems that helps you pray.

The first thing to do is to have a goal. How long would you like to pray for? How many days in a week do you want to pray? Look through your schedule for each day and allocate a day and time you would like to pray. It now becomes part of your to-do list for each day then you set a reminder so you don’t forget. As time goes on you can add more days and extend your prayer time to meet your goal.

The next point is joining prayer groups and involving yourself in prayer meetings. One of the least attended programs in church is the prayer meetings but this is where it mainly start from. At prayer meetings we build the the capacity that enables us to pray. Proverbs 27:17 says, iron sharpens irons. Praying with others helps us to draw strentgh from each other.

The third is to be accountable to someone you trust. This person can pray with you sometimes and encourage you to pray when your feelings get in the way. This helps to keep you on your feet as you must always give account to someone.

Also listen to sermons often( if possible everyday) and have a playlist of songs that helps you to pray. This has been very helpful to me and almost everyone around me. It helps creates an atmosphere of prayer and ushers you to pray.

The foundation of all this is a having a good relationship with the holyspirit by spending time studying the word of God. It is God who works in us both to will and to act(Phillipians 2: 13). Studying the word of God allows God’s word which is life to work in you according to what pleases him. God will ignite you the desire to pray and will also help you pray.



  1. Meditation on the word of GOD through Spirit filled music.
    When I think through life I also pray more.
    My system of prayer you’ve already mentioned in the above paragraph.

  2. Wonderful piece. I think we can also improve our prayer systems by timing ourselves with a clock whiles we pray. This is to ensure discipline as well as to avoid the delusion that we have prayed for a long period meanwhile that would not have been the case. Thanks

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