Life can be hard and now it’s hard;

One minute you are inspired and charged up and the next minute, you are too tired, drained and overwhelmed. Sometimes you feel you have everything under control but the next minute, everything seems scattered and all you want to do is to give up and just exist.

Not much energy and enthusiasm is needed to just exist; no goal, no aim and not even a dream or an expectation. Even this is hard, itgets tiring.

The only way out is to remember this;

It’s not by might , not by power but my spirit says the Lord( Zechariah 4:6).

Our moments and season of weakness, where we feel drained and overwhelmed is only an indication that we are very dependent on and conscious of self. It shows how much we need the holy spirit everyday. It’s makes it obvious that we need help.

So in your hard times trust God again, surrender to the holy spirit again and rest in him again; seek help.

Yes! It gets hard and you get tired but don’t also forget that God’s grace is sufficient even in our weakness and He makes it perfect( 2 Corinthians 12:9-11)



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