Have you ever been deceived by someone? How did you feel after you knew you’ve been deceived? Most times you would ask yourself; how could I have been deceived?

Well, that’s how deception works. It is hard to figure it out . This is what happened in the garden of Eden(Genesis 3:1-6). The devil deceived Eve into eating the fruit God had asked them not to even touch. First, he drew Eve’s attention to the fruit, then he said you wouldn’t die but you will be like God, knowing good and evil. In the end they did die after they ate the fruit and here we are now.

Deception is a lie wrapped innocently with the intention to lure or tempt. Deception is the greatest tool the devil uses against believers because that’s the easiest way he can get us into disobeying God.

Dear believer, do not be unaware of devices of the enemy because he is coming for you.( 2 Corinthians 2:11)

He is wise and very crafty so he is able to easily deceive. He is able to make sin look right. He calls selfishness; self love and pride; self respect. Becareful because you can easily be deceived. I’m not saying do not love or respect yourself, I’m saying there is a thin line between self love and selfishness and self respect and pride.

Deeption does not look like a lie until you have been deceived. It looks very attractive and okay but the end is death.


To guard your heart, you must know the truth. The bible says the truth shall set us free( John 8:32). Knowledge will help you recognise a lie or deceipt. The truth is the what God is saying. At every point of our lives, we must know what God is saying about it. Know what the bible says and understand what it says. Ephessians 6:14 says put on the belt of truth that you can stand firm. You can only stand firm against deceipt by knowing the truth.

Learn to be content. Do not be greedy; always wanting more. Such attitude will make you fall to the enemies deceipt. Godliness with contentment is great gain( 1 Timothy 6:6). That is not to say I encourage mediocrity, not at all but watch your motives as well.

Finally be connected to the vine; Jesus christ. Through the vine, you the branch is nourished and provided for. You are being fed with the power to overcome the enemy. You bear fruits whiles connected to the vine and you become mature to tell the truth from a lie.

Dear believer to live the valued life, do not be unaware of the devices of the enemy. Guard your heart because the the devil's greatest tool is deception. 

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