Enjoy The Moment(s)

Making Memories🤗

Memories are made from the moments we spend each day. Beautiful memories are created from beautiful moments. Enjoy them whiles they last because they are soon going to be memories.

Good and beautiful moments don’t last forever, infact they don’t last long and may not even happen often but the memories you have about these times may stick forever. So, take your time and enjoy good moments. Do not rush out of it.

Give your all when spending time with your family, friends and acquaintances. Don’t underestimate these times because they are memories in the making. Enjoy it with every part of you.

Most times, we take for granted the moments we spend with our loved ones. We get so distracted and don’t value the good times.

Whenever we give our brains beautiful moments, it makes beautiful memories . Good memories has a way of building a good mental health.

It is believed that falling back on good memories aids in the healing of soo many diseases. Beautiful memories are known to be therapeutic. So, whenever you can , make you some beautiful memories.

The people we’ve lost, the things we’ve lost and the times we’ve lost may never be replaced but with good memories of them, we can easily enjoy the them again.

But, to enjoy good moments, we would’ve to let go the ill feelings, bitterness, hurts and anxiety.

Do not be anxious about anything( Philippians 4:6). Worry does steal your joy and that wouldn’t allow you enjoy good moments.

Moments soon become memories, so do your best to create beautiful moments for beautiful memories because your memories influence your mood.


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  1. Thanks alot for the motivation today. Indeed good memories with family and friends reduce anxiety and bitterness.

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