We live in a world we don’t control. You don’t have control over where you are born and to which family you are born into. You just take what life gives you. You can’t be blamed at whatever condition you find your family, but even with a little, there is an expectation you need to meet. You are given just enough to make something out of yourself. God has made available to you all that is needed. It may seem just a little but according to your strength and His purpose, it is just enough.


In Mathew 25:14-30, we learn about a master who was travelling, and before he did, he entrusted to his three servants talents according to their strength. To one, he gave 5 , the second he gave 3 and to the last, he gave 1. It later happened that upon his return, the servant with 5 had made profit with his and had gained 5 more, the second with 3 had gained 3 more making 6 but the one with 1, the one with what we will call ‘ little “, had not gained anything. The bible says, what he had was taken from him and he was punished.

He only had 1, that’s not fair! That isn’t enough to expect any profit from, but he was expected to make something out of the little he had tho not like the others made. He could’ve been rewarded with more if only he had proven himself faithful.

You may be feeling disadvantaged in one way or the other. You may be feeling that you have little in your hands and it may not be able to do anything. That’s not true. The little you have is enough to start with and yes it wouldn’t be like the others that had more. Whatever the case, know that even with a little in your hands, something is expected of you.

Just take the baby steps. Little by little a bird makes its nest, they say.

Probably you may have to work harder because you don’t have much like others. Do your best anyways.

May our little be multiplied even as we work with it in Jesus name!!!

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