In our previous post ‘God is Love‘, we go to know that to be able to give out love you must first accept the love of God so you can be filled with love. This week we will go on a journey of how you can grow in love and express God’s love to your family, friends, spouses, and to everyone you come across. It is right to know that growing and walking in love is not automatic, that is, the fact that you accept the love of God and by extension having the Holy Spirit in you, which is the spirit of love does not guarantee that you will express God’s love. The nature of Love and the expression of love are two different things you need to take note off.

The law of love is shed abroad in our hearts at the new birth. The Holy Spirit sowed the nature (seed) of love in your heart the very moment you accepted Christ as your Lord and personal savior. You now have the seed of Love in your heart. The purpose of sowing seed is for it to geminate, bear fruits and flourish. Likewise, God’s purpose of sowing the seed of love in your heart is it to grow and bear fruits. The farmer is happy when he sees his seeds germinate, grow and bear fruit. Similarly God is glorified when His deposited seed grows, bears fruit and blesses others. Apostle Paul understood this and made profound prayers for the born again Christians;

And this is my prayer:
that your love may abound more
 and more in knowledge and depth. 

Philippians 1:9
May the Lord make your 
love increase and 
overflow for each other and 
for everyone else, 
just as ours does for you.

 1 Thessalonians 3:12

It is the purpose of the seed to grow and bear fruit to satisfy the hunger of many who are yearning for it. Similarly it is the purpose of the seed of love deposited in your heart to grow and abound more and more to bless others. It is not enough to have the seed of love in you. You must make a conscious effort to grow it to the benefit of others and yourself.





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