He Stole My Joy.

I choose to be grateful

He made me think I wasn’t good enough. He said if only I had this or that then I would be good. He says all the time; you don’t have this, you don’t have that and you can’t be that.

So I always felt inadequate. I always thought I had less to nothing. I asked why life was this unfair, why I couldn’t have this and that and why couldn’t I be like that.

Then I became sad, unhappy, depressed, anxious, worried, bitter, envious and felt inferior. Everything he was, I became; UNGRATEFUL.

I allowed ungratefulness steal my joy, peace and value.

But God

The holy spirit worked on me with the word of God. He taught me that I had everything. He introduced me to gratefulness. Oh the veil fell of my eyes. I saw clearly now, I realised all I had and all I could become.

All this while, my ungrateful heart blinded me.

I have life and I have hope. I have God and I have it all. I have Christ and I lack nothing. I have joy deep down in my heart and I will not allow ungratefulness steal it away

Choose to be grateful.

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving. (Psalm 100:4.).

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