One of the things that brings us grief is the loss of a loved one. For most of us, that is the worst thing that can happen to us.

But how worse can it get? How much can mortals take?

Let’s look at the life of Job. He is one character in the bible whose story has so much grief and pain. How much of it can we take? He lost everything; his family, wealth and honour. This to me, is the worst thing that can happen to a person. This much grief, is unbearable but for Job, it wasn’t even the end, he become very ill too( Job 1&2). At this point, even death to him would’ve been better because he was in so much grief. Is this how bad it can be? To live but wish to be dead?

So far as we live, we shall have bad experiences, some will be too bad that dying would be an easy way out but I’m afraid to say, even this , isn’t how bad life can be.

The worst thing that can happen to you is to die, not just the physical death, but the spiritual death. Woe to you if you die in your sins. Whiles we live, we can’t escape sorrow, pain and death but after all these the worst thing that can happen to anyone is to die without knowing Jesus Christ.

I pray that we don’t live in vain because that is how bad life can be.

One thought on “HOW BAD CAN LIFE BE?

  1. Powerful message we all must reconsider in the moment of this disorderly and chaos world we live.
    Jesus Christ should be out steadfast anchor as we navigate in the cycle of life.


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