Insignificant Insecurities

They are insignificant

Personally, I’ve had to battle with a lot of insecurities and I’m still battling them. I can say it isn’t a good place to be because they drain you emotionaly and leave you broken. It made me unproductive. I know a lot of us battle with our own insecurities one way or the other. Realising how insignificant they were, helped me deal with them well.

What are insecurities?

Insecurities are things or ideas that attract self doubt and bring about lack of confidence or assurance. They are worsened when we begin to compare ourselves with others.

The truth is we usually use our insecurities against ourselves. We become our own enemy and then give others the power to use it against us too. We fight ourselves in the bid to fighting our insecurities. We wound our self esteem and later begin to hate ourselves. Oh! how we wish we could be someone else. How we wish we could change from who we are to who we want to be.

Don’t stay there!

Dear, you don’t have to stay there. No!! You don’t have to allow your insecurities prey on you. Understand this, you are built up to function according to your purpose. Your insecurities are part of your build up. You fix what you can fix and live with those you can’t fix.

One thing I’ve come to believe is, God never goes wrong with all He does. He is perfect, too perfect to make a mistake. Moses thought he wasn’t eloquent enough but God still used him. Joshua thought he wasn’t good enough to take over Moses but God still used him. So yes! We can embrace our insecurities and live with them without it holding us back. We can do all we have to do with our insecurities because our insecurities are insignificant. They don’t add to us or take away from us. They don’t define us. All those flaws in your body, your past, your family and any other area should not ruin you or have the final say.

Address those you can, conquer those you can and ignore those you can’t. Those who can’t accept us for who we are, are losing out on all the goodness we are made of. We only lose bad energy and nothing else.

Trust me, those insecurities are insinificant. Worrying about them make life miserable.

Practice confidence and faith then your fears and insecurities will soon have no power over you


Your life is too valuable to live held down by insecurities.


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