Journey With God

We are going to Canaan

This is one of the beautiful stories the holy spirit shared with me some time ago. He kept pouring into my spirit our journey on earth and I would like to share it with you today.

As a believer, know that you are a traveller(foreigner) here on earth. You are only passing through earth just as the Israelites lived in Egypt and passed through the desert to Canaan.

Isreal was a nation formed by God. He called them out as his people and established a covenant with them. He led them from Egypt through the desert into a land that flows with honey and milk. He did so many miracles for them; parted the red sea, rained manna, parted the river Jordan, provided water from the rocks, etc. He finally destroyed all their enemies and gave them a land that flowed with milk and honey. He was with them by night as a pillar of fire and by day a cloud.

I would like to liken the life of the believer to that of the Israelites. As a believer, you’ve been called and chosen by God. He has a covenant with you. He calls you his own, he is your provider, your protector and he fights our enemies and orders our steps. We, just like the Isrealites are journeying through this world to a place God has promised. A place flowing with milk and honey,( heaven).

We do not belong here so we need to be conscious of this all the time. Be sure to journey with God so that he can rain manna when times are hard. So that he can provide water from the rocks to quench your thirst. So that he can protect you at night as a pillar of fire and by day as cloud. Journey with God so that he can preserve you so that you do not wear out, so that when you get to a point where there is no way, he can part the red sea for you. Journey with God so that he can destroy your enemies. Finally journey with God because only he has eternal life in a land filled with honey and milk.

The bible said, the Isrealites journeyed for 40 years through the wilderness but neither their clothes or soles were worn out. God preserved them. In this your journey, you need God to preserve you. That’s the only way you can survive.

The only way we can journey with God, is through Jesus Christ.

Since you call on a father who judges each persons work impatially, live out your time as foreigners here in reverent fear.                  1Peter 1:17(NIV)

2 thoughts on “Journey With God

  1. I acknowledge the presence of the Mighty God in every step of my journey on earth. He is the author of my life and in Him I seek refuge.
    God bless you for this beautiful message.

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