Keep on keeping on! ‘2’

They say, if there is a man to pray then there is a God to listen.

I understand what it feels like to be in the waiting room and I know how frustrating it feels to be praying for one thing over and over again. It looks as if God is really not listening to that particular prayer.

I understand how tired you feel because people keep telling you how God’s time is the best and how you need to be patient and they make it seem you are being unrealistic. In fact everyone has a message for you on waiting and trusting God. Some even think you are doing something wrong or you are not even praying enough.

See, for what you are waiting for, give God no rest untill it is done. Don’t give up. Keep on praying, keep on trying, keep on fasting, keep on feeling tired and keep on crying unto God but in all your keeping on, don’t give up and don’t stop.

Keep on keeping on. Give God no rest for he has placed on your wall watchmen day and night (Isaiah 62:6). His ears aren’t heavy neither his arm short. Give him no rest because he is your maker and your helper.

Be like the widow who never gave up going to the judge for help. She gave the judge no rest.

Herty Ocran

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