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A story

A young man who had lived his whole life in a village, got a job in the city. On the first day of reporting, he went late because he had to come from his village which was far and so he missed their orientation. As time went on, he made friends and anytime it was lunch time, they would go to the canteen but he would excuse himself and bring out his gari ( dried cassava) from his pocket and chew it with water. One day a friend approached him and asked why he wouldn’t join them in the canteen. He told him it was because he couldn’t afford the food at the canteen. His friend laughed so hard and later revealed that the food at the canteen was actually free, it came with the benefit of being employed.

For weeks this man had been starving himself only because he did not know what he was entitled to.

I feel most of us are in the same boat as this guy. We do not know how much we are entitled as children of God. Knowing is the first step in getting to live the life Christ has for you. If you do not know the value of an item, you would sell it at a lesser price and that will be a loss. To gain profit, you must know the value of the item and sell it accordingly.

Recently, I got to know that I was fathered by God, but the question again is do I even know God to be intrigued by that? Knowledge renews our minds. Let us invest in knowing, reading the bible and anything we are involved in.

We are perishing so hard because we are rejecting knowledge. KNOW!!!

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge;because you have rejected knowledge.            Hosea 4:6a 

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