Life is not meant to be eternal here on earth and don’t expect it to be longer. Comparing life after death to life on earth, life on earth is short. It’s funny how we plan our lives as if it isn’t supposed to end.

The quality of life is not based on the number of years lived but on the impact you leave in people’s   life.

I’m here to remind you that life is short  and each day is a step closer to the end. Live all you can now, do what you need to do because all you may ever get is now.

Persue that dream, take that bold step and do all you can. Trash those excuses and jump the hurdles.

We are not here forever, just a short while.  When your time is up, you will eventually go and nothing can excuse that.

Jesus Christ could’ve stayed longer to heal the sick, raise the dead and preached the gospel but not even these reasons were powerful enough to prolong his days on earth.

Today as we celebrate Palm Sunday, remember that this was the day Jesus sat on a donkey and had a triumphant entry to Jerusalem; the very place he was killed. He triumphantly rode into his death, resurrection and ascension.

He lived only a short while to live eternaly and in this he keeps impacting the world.

Everyday is an opportunity to impact.


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