Sometime ago, the Holy Spirit took me through a study on the life of a Christian believer as He likened it to the journey of the Isrealites from Egypt through to the promised land. I came to understand that as a believer, you will at a point in your life live in the wilderness as you journey through life.

Your final destination is with God but before you are finally laid to rest, you shall have your share of what the wilderness is.

In the bible, the wilderness is described or seen as a land that is characterised by lack of livelihood and extreme lack of the basic needs such as food and water. In Exodus 15:22-26, we see that the Isrealites walked through the wilderness for three days and had no food or good water to drink. The wilderness is a harsh.

The wilderness can be for us a time of need and frustration.  It can be a desolate place for us where nothing seems to be working. In all of these testing times let’s learn from the Isrealites; God took care of them. God provided for them in miraculous ways. God preserved and kept them, the bible says for the forty years they spent in the wilderness, the clothes never worn out neither did their feet swell( Duetronomy 8:3-4). God taught them to trust in Him.

You may be experiencing the wilderness at this moment but don’t be dismayed as God is with you. The only way you can survive this phase, is to trust in Him. Most of the Isrealites who left Egypt didn’t get to the promise land because of unbelief.  Until you learn how to trust God, you may never get out of your wilderness.

So we see that they were unable to enter because of unbelief. Hebrews 3:7-19, ESV


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