Sacrifice: the act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.

Whenever you see something doing well, it isn’t by chance, rather it is partly as a result of some sacrifices made. That beautiful relationship, ministry, business, etc, is thriving because someone or some people are making some sacrifices.

A typical example is the preaching of the gospel. Most of us heard the gospel because some evangelists and missionaries chose to sacrifice their comfort, families, time, career and other resources to preach the gospel. Truth is, for things to work some sacrifices must be made.

The crucifixion of Christ is the best example for us as believers. Christ gave his life, in other words he sacrificed his precious life so that we all may have eternal life. God gave up something precious and valuable for us ( Titus 2: 14). This shows that to achieve something worthy, a sacrifice needs to be made.

Sometimes things don’t work for us because we refuse to sacrifice some desires for them. The vision isn’t manifesting because we refuse to give up our comfort.

Sacrificing is more like sowing a seed in a soil, in the right time and season the seed germinates and flourishes and then bears fruits.

I’m here to tell you that; For that ministry, business or vision to happen, you may have to sacrifice some sleep, desires, money, time and some self.

To live that valued life, some sacrifices need to be made. May be we should start making these sacrifices.


4 thoughts on “MAKE THAT SACRIFICE

  1. The youth of our generation don’t want to sacrifice, but want quick manifestation of things to happen over night.

    May God grant us his direction to good faith to have time to wait for right time

  2. Nice word… Sacrifice!
    That was some deep notes to learn from. This should be the hall mark of every christian and anyone.

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