The Children’s Sunday School Song

For Growth!

Growing up from a christian home, most of us would probably be familiar with the song ‘Read your bible pray everyday’. It is the most popular song taught in the children’s service. I believe this shouldn’t only be a song for the children’s service but a song for all.

As new born babies desire milk which helps them grow, so do we christian need the word and prayer to grow( 1 Peter 2:2). We need them everyday because growth is a continuous process and not a destination.

Trust me, christianity is far from what we wear or eat and what we do not wear or eat. Those things don’t make us grow. The word of God and prayer does. The nutrients you need for growth is found in the word and it is tranfered through prayers. There is an exchange of divinity during prayers.

Read your bible and pray everyday if you want to grow. The solution to many of our struggles as believers is to read the bible, know what God is saying about that issue and pray that we wouldn’t fall into temptations.

Most times we struggle with sin because we are still babies. I know we wonder why the bible says we are the righteousness of God (2 corinthians 5:21) and yet we do struggle with sin. Our spirit men need to be strong in order that we may overcome sin and that strength is from the word of God and prayers.(Psalm 119:11, Luke 22:46)

All babies and even children can’t do soo many things on their own and so they would need the help of an adult to do the basic things. They may try to do them occasionally but they may fail. We need to grow so that we do not fail. As believers the word and prayer helps us to grow so we can do all that we need to and be victorious. A baby christian will still crawl and is soo limited and can’t do a lot of things.

To live in the spirit and bear fruits, we need the word and prayers. Growing helps us bear fruits so it makes it easy to be the child that God has called you to be. It is through prayers that one can be strengthened to live the spirt life(Galatians 5:16). The word helps one bear the fruits of the spirit.

Through the word and prayer, we get closer to God and enjoy intimacy with him. As we get closer to God, we also move closer to purpose and see clearly where we are headed in life. Nobody gets closer to God without the word and prayer.

The Need For Balance

There is nothing like , ‘ I am more of the word than prayer or vice versa. We need to strike a balance between the word and prayer because even the Lord hates a false balance (Proverbs 11:1) and because both are equally important.

Our spiritual growth requires the word of God and time spent in prayers with God.


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  1. Thanks for the inspiration this afternoon. … indeed “growth is a continuous process and not a destination”

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