I agree that there is a level of fear that is needed to live a careful life that may not necessarily be ‘the fear of God” , like the fear of the unknown and the fear of getting it wrong. When these kind of fear withholds you from living the life God has for you and doing what God has assigned you to, this becomes alarming.

The truth is, one of the many schemes of the enemy to bring down the kingdom of God is to arrest or posses believers with the spirit of fear. When fear overwhelms you , it makes you timid, shy, loose self confidence, and makes you doubt yourself; what God says about you and what God can do with you. That’s why God told Joshua in Joshua 1:9 not to be afraid. God knew exactly what Joshua was going through. He doubted that he could lead God’s people to the promise land, and that fear could’ve actually overwhelmed him.

This demonic kind of fear controls your thoughts and your actions so that you become a slave to it. You will realise that sometimes, you don’t even know what you are afraid of or you fear, you are just afraid.

Sometimes you can also be afraid of everything going wrong even the ones that are going right.

Other times you are also afraid because of something/things that  happened in the past.

All these can’t make you move forward or do anything meaningful. The  devil only wants to destroy the purpose God has for you and to render you powerless and useless. That’s why God never gave us the spirit of fear( demonic fear) but rather gave us that of power, discipline to control ourselves and of sound mind. These the devil try to steal/destroy by bringing fear.

The parable in Mathew 25 about the three servants who were given talents makes us understand that the third servant hid his out of fear and that was why he couldn’t multiply his( Mathew 25:). He was afraid of his master, the kind of fear that is demonic. It  should’ve rather directed him into working hard with his talent but because it was the demonic type, it restricted him and caused him a lot.

This may be you too, gripped by the demonic kind of fear and living outside the will of God. You should decide to break free from it. You shouldn’t allow the enemy have his way in your life. You must know that this fear isn’t healthy and beneficial. Fight hard against it before it’s too late. You have the power to do so.

How can you break free? Let’s continue that in our next post


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