Life is as beautiful as you make it. The challenges that comes with life would require that we put in efforts to live. Striving hard to live the valued life will demand an extra effort than usual, for example, you may have to read extra hours than usual during exams, those extra hours will help you study more and well so you can pass the exam. In living the valued life, you will have to put  in extra efforts; The efforts you put in living.

The effort you put in living isn’t the usual efforts you make, rather  it’s the extra things you do. The extra hours of studying the word, the extra hours of praying, the extra lessons you take or the extra miles you take everyday in living the valued life. It can also be the different things you do or the different ways you do what you do. Sometimes, it is that little intentionality you add to life and that’s it. The extra effort may also be holding on and not giving up .  If you want the best out of your life, you must put in the effort.

This is because things don’t just happen, you will need to put in the effort for things to happen. If you see anyone doing well today, it means they made the efforts yesterday. Also, sometimes the effort we put in life exerts the force for breakthroughs, it breaks the way open for things to begin to work in our favour. There are times all we need to do to be victorious is to put in an effort, and that’s all. If you put in no effort, you won’t be able to live the valued life and you wouldn’t get much out of your life.

Living the valued life comes with many challenges that  can discourage you, but you need to strive hard and put in the effort to keep living the valued life. In Mathew 25, the story of the ten virgins is a good example, we get to know how 5 virgins made the effort of taking extra oil for their lamps whiles the other 5 couldn’t be bothered. The effort they made in taking extra oil was their ticket to meeting the bride groom.

You need to put in the effort to live! Put in the effort today, and live well tomorrow.


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