If this year can really be different, it will come from doing things differently. One of the many things we can do right this year especially as we are in the early part of the year, is to do away with procrastination.

Let’s define procrastination as delaying the time and season for something to be done.

The evil of procrastination is the harm and consequences that comes with procrastination. We are almost down with a month, you probably might have procrastinated something. There is a consequence for that.


The probability of you never getting it done when it has been postponed is very high. When you procrastinate something you unconciously push it down your priority list and it becomes easy to forget. When the mind forgets, it may take you some time to remember and most times, it will be too late to get it done. You may never even find time to do that which you procrastinated.

It may be an instant relief when you postpone something but it is only temporal. The very thing you don’t do today will be waiting for you tomorrow. You are always having a lot on your plate because you keep piling it up for tomorrow. They say if it can be done today, why not do it toady?

The thought that you have a lot today can be very stressful. A stressed mind most times can’t produce the best result. So becasue you procrastinated, you will mostly be stressed at the thought of it.

You can also miss opportunities when you habitually procrastinate. Success, they say, happens when opportunity meets preparation and because you procrastinate, you are never ready. Some opportunities have expiry dates. Keep that in mind.

You need to make an intentional decision to overcome procrastination now. It will save you from a lot of harm and damages. Let’s start the year with the right attitude. Break down the things you need to do into smaller portions to make it easier to do. Also try planning your day and make sure you include a bit of everything that needs to be done. Set reminders to keep you on your toes and be accountable to someone. Do everything you can, not to procrastinate to avoid the evil that comes with it.

A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest–
and poverty will come on you like a bandit and scarcity like an armed man.

PROVERBS 24:33-34

Procrastination is a slow path to failure; before you know it, nothing is done. When nothing is done, that is failure.



  1. This is very timely especially as January has almost ended. Indeed success comes when our preparation meets an opportunity.. As soon as we realise something needs to be done, start immediately.

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