The Journey with God

He never said it was going to be easy

I understand that the journey isn’t easy and he never promised that it would. He says the righteous man will face many troubles but his faithful love delivers him from them all.( Psalm34:19).

Before God parted the red sea, the people were stucked between the sea and their enemies, they had no other way to use. That miracle or breakthrough only comes when all seems lost. He rained manna when the people were hungry not when they were full. In our journey with God, we see him more when we are in a need. When we can’t find our way, that’s when he makes a way. The challenges we face in this journey helps us to see God clearly.

In journeying with God, you must trust him because he is is faithful in all he does(Psalm 33:4). You can’t journey with God without trusting him. You won’t see your miracle if you journey with God with fear and unbelief. The Isrealites complained a lot in hard times because they still had fear and unbelief in their hearts. Most didn’t even get to Canaan because of their unbelief and complains. Let’s trust God in this journey and let’s learn to wait. We should trust that He is taking us to a better place.

In journeying with God we must keep to his commands. Love God and love others. You can’t journey with God and hate others. Anyone journeying with God must have love in his heart because God is love( 1 John 4:16).

Also, you must allow God lead in this journey. He knows the ends of the earth and he is the best man to lead. Allow him show you the way. Humble yourself under him and he will direct your path. Let the creator finish what he started in the begining in your life through Christ.

Finally, if you are journeying with God let him take charge completely. Most believers don’t surrender all to God , we only give him part of us. God wants all of us. Let’s involve him more and build a stronger relationship with him because we are journeying with him.

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