Have you noticed in the bible, how God begun every assignment with one man?
How he made Adam the steward over all he had made?
How he gave Noah the mandate to build the ark?
How he chose Abraham to be the father over many nations?

One man can do mighty things with the power of God.
If Noah failed to build the ark , Abraham wouldn’t have become the father of many.
One man can fail and it will affect many generations
That’s why I want to draw your attention to one man called “YOU”.
If you fail, many generations will go down with you. You will delay many generational breakthroughs. Never underestimate the power of “one man”.

Through one man sin came to the world and through one man sin is taken away(Romans 5:12-15).
You,  as a man can make and unmake, define and redefine destinies. Therefore you can’t fail. It onky takes one man to make a difference, which can be you.
A genaration is depending on your success today;
To hold on to the truth and pass it on to the next( Titus 1:9)
To sow righteousness so they can reap goodness.( Hosea 10:12-13)
To break family curses and set the pace.
To make a name thay can be associated with.
Most importantly, to know Christ and make him known. (John 17:3).

You can’t afford to fail. May the Lord have mercy on us so that we do not fail our generation; the power of one man. It always begins with “One Man”.

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