It’s very interesting how many people you knew but know no more. Looking back to old times, the people we shared beautiful memories with are now strangers. Yes! Some were for a season but others could’ve lasted but …

If you will tell yourself the truth, you will know that there are some people we need in our lives, not just for old times sake but for where we are going; today and tomorrow. If you regard certain relationships as gifts from God, then you must put in some work to keep them.

To keep them, you will need to make some ‘sacrifices’. More like paying the price to keep them. Let’s look at some sacrifices you can make to intentionally keep the needed relationships. ‘Needed’ in the sense that some are really not needed.

1. The sacrifice of love

This has to be the first because as christians, we are commanded to love( John 13:34-35). In 1 Corinthians 13, we learn so much about what love is and is not, you will realise that love is a sacrifice, and to keep the needed relationships, you must offer the the sacrifice of love towards people. In I Samuel 18:1-4; you will understand how Jonathan and David’s relationship started and why David made sure he favoured Jonathan’s son in 2 Samuel 9:1. Jonathan loved David as himself and that’s how a long lasting relationship started and lasted; love! Love is sacrifice because sometimes it becomes difficult to act in love but you will need to offer it anyway. Some relationships could’ve lasted if we treated with love and not based on feelings. For example, you don’t keep in touch because you feel like but because you have/need to.

2. You must keep check of your ego and pride

Ego and pride aren’t totally bad but sometimes they can destroy our relationships with others. Ego is a sense of self respect while pride is esteeming oneself. A little more of both than needed is very dangerous. You may have to drop it down to maintain some needed relationships. People don’t like to be around proud and egoistic people so when you don’t put yours in check, you will definitely lose some good relationships. Ego and pride are the reasons you can’t accept your fault, apologise and make amends. To keep certain people, try to keep yours in check.

3. The sacrifice of time and sharing.

From a very personal experience, the people that make time for you and intentionally have time for you are the people you keep. Making time to call or share in others time of joy and sorrow  goes a long way into keeping them  around. Sharing what you have with others is s great sign of love as well. In Samuel 18:1-4 we learn that Jonathan gave David his coat because he loved him. Giving or sharing are sacrifices we need to make too.

I hope that we get better at keeping healthy and needed relationships to help us live the valued life. Stay blessed!


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