The Tongue Bears Fruits!!

He who loves it shall eat it fruits

Calling forth that which isn’t there as tho it was and speaking what you want to see with faith is what I call ‘confession’. Declaring the truth without doubt.

We can’t deny how powerful ‘man’ can be. Look around you, look at the things ‘man’ has made. There is no doubt that we are created in the image of God. See how God created the entire universe with the words of his mouth, he himself demonstrated this act of faith. We can too. We can make things beautiful by speaking it. We can also create and “uncreate” with the words of our mouth.

Proverbs 18:26 makes us understand that the tongue has the power of life and death and those that love it will eat its fruits. This much power lies within us. All we have to do is to speak it. Most things are dying in our lives because we are silent. Speak up and live. Your current situation can change and the power lies in your tongue.

Confessions go along with faith. It is one of the works of faith. James 2:18 & 26 talks about the fact that faith without works is dead. Speaking with your mouth what you want to see, hope or belive is one way to working out your faith.

You can’t confess and not believe. The very first step into seeing what you are confessing is believing in what you are confessing. For our confessions to yield fruits, we must believe in our hearts so we can confidently speak with our mouths (Romans 10:10).

John 16:24a says ” until now you have not asked, ask. ‘Ask’ here implies speak up. Speak!! You haven’t spoken hence you haven’t received. What we mainly do in prayers, is to speak to God. We communicate with him. Confessions are also prayers. When we confess, we speak the mind and the will of God concerning our lives.

Confessions renew our minds and gears it towards positivity. As you speak it, you begin to meditate and as you meditae you are able to renew your mind.

Let’s choose life over death, healing over sickness, victory over failure and let’s enjoy it’s fruits.

Confessions implant the word of God in your spirit so that the implanted words take root and dominates through our lives over the circumstance.

Peter Tan, How to meditate.

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