Matthew 22:1-14(14)
“For many are invited, but few are chosen.”

It’s easier to seek the kingdom of God when you actually understand what the kingdom of God is and in these parables, Jesus Christ is seen comparing the kingdom of God to things we can actually relate to.

In this parable we learn that there is this rich and man of influence who organized a wedding feast for his son and invited other rich people and when they ignored him, he opened up the invitation and extended it to everybody regardless of their status( Isaiah 49:22). In Romans 1:16, it also talks about how salvation is also extended to the Gentiles just like in the parable the invitation was extended.

God is actually calling on everybody, which you are part. He has servants everywhere inviting everyone who wouldn’t give excuses like those he invited who were so attached to their personal lives. God is inviting us to have a relationship with him , to dine and merry with him and to be friends with him courtesy of his son; Jesus Christ.

We have been made worthy to join this train but with the condition that we put on the wedding dress which is the righteousness of Christ.

Everybody puts on their best dress when going for a wedding so why did this man go in with rags? Isaiah 64:6b talks about the fact that our righteousness is like a dirty rag in the sight of God.

I’m sure this man thought he was well dressed but the master saw otherwise. Self righteousness will disqualify many christians. Acknowledge this, the righteous shall live by faith( Romans 1:17 and Habakuk 2:4).

Let’s not forget also that faith without works is dead. We can’t be righteous by faith and not live it. That is the valued life.

The righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference between Jew and Gentile.
Romans 3:22

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