The church in Smyrna( a city in Asia minor) was undergoing persecution by the Roman Emperor during the time they received this revelation. It is believed that their leader( Polycarp) was burnt to death on his refusal to obey the Emperor. They were afflicted in many ways and this message was really one that comforted them. With all they went through, they still remained steadfast in their faith.

Dear believer going through trials, most especially because you are a christian, I want us to know this.

1. God knows our afflictions.

Like the church in Smyrna, he knows all we are going through and he is in it with us. He knows and sees those who slander us and persecute us. You haven’t been neglected, it just a matter of time and you will be out.( Revelation 2:9). His eyes are on the righteous and he delivers them from evil( Psalm 34:15-17). It means the evil will come but he knows, so it won’t overcome us. We have hope.

2. Fear not!

Revelation 2:10, says do not be afraid. This means, it may get worse but do not fear because I am the first and the the last, who died and came to life again( Revelation 2:8). We should not be afraid because he who is our redeemer has been through death and has come back to life so he can walk us through difficult times and bring us out. He begins and ends it all. In short, he is capable.

3. It will be over soon

He said to the church, that the devil will put some in prison for ten days. This means the devil can’t harm us forever. Whatever we are going through is temporal, it will soon be over.

4. Be faithful to the end

Since it won’t last forever, be faithful as long as it last. Do not shrink back for God takes no pleasure in the one who shrinks back( Hebrews 10:38). Hold to your faith and be loyal. In no time sweetness will be borne out of us because Myrrh( sweet scented oil) is only released under pressure.

The end reward of our faithfulness is that, we will not be touched by the second death. We will be crowned with victory and live forever. This is from the one who is the first and the last, who had died and lives again. He is faithful.

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