A few days more to end this year and It’s been a roller coaster. It is very necessary that we take some time to reminisce. It will help draw your attention to the little details of blessings in your life. It will also help you understand what God is doing in your life.

It is very easy to forget and not even realise the goodness of God in your life especially when that one thing you have been praying about hasn’t arrived yet. I want to draw your attention to the many blessings we aren’t seeing.

Today, I have life and I’m grateful to God for that. I can make plans for tomorrow because I have life today. I have hope for a better tomorrow because I’m alive today.

I’m grateful for the lives around me as well. My family, friends and other people I interact with. These lives add so much spice to life. Having people(the right ones) is one of the best gifts you can have. They make life beautiful.

I’m grateful for good health something money can’t always buy. It’s very difficult to live with a deteriorating health. It sometimes make you wish for death. It is sad to be around people who are sick and are in pains but then again once you have life, there is always hope for recovering. May we all enjoy good health.

For the job I wake up to every morning, I’m grateful. It may not be earning me that much but I have one afterall. Things are hard for most people but It’s a different kind of hard when you aren’t earning anything.

Most importantly I’m grateful for salvation. It is my everlasting hope. I am who I am because I am saved me.

The little things do matter as much as the big things, like arriving safely home everyday after work, being able to empty your bowels and the list could go on and on. We are blessed more than we notice.

Now, whiles you await your biggest breakthrough, what can you be grateful for?


  1. I’m grateful for who God has made me and that which He has destined me for. This to me is enough for my God to be glorified in my life forever.

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