To enjoy fellowship with the holy spirit, you must know who he is. Knowing the holy spirit will help you draw closer and fellowship with him. Fellowship is one of the highest way we can relate with God because in fellowship, we are able to give to God and receive from him. It is something we must pray and yearn for.

Who the holy spirit is.

Firstly , the holy spirit is the spirit of God. In Acts 2:17, God said, ‘I will pour out my spirit’ upon all people and again in Joel 2: 28, he says I’ll pour out my spirit. This means the holy spirit is the spirit of God. Now we know that God is spirit( John 4: 24), therefore the holy spirit isn’t only the spirit of God but God himself. Now Jesus said in John 10:30 that I and my father are one, this is oneness in spirit. When you read Revelation 5:6 we learn the lamb of God who was slain has all the seven spirit of God. Therefore the holy spirit is God the son and God the father. Jesus said If you love me, you will obey my commands, my father will love you and ‘we’ will come and make our home in you( John 14:23). This solidifies the trinity of God.

Now, the holy spirit isn’t a thing, he is a person because the spirit in a body makes that body a living being, it the spirit in you hat makes you a man. The holy spirit is a spirit person and we need to relate to him as a person.

When the holy spirit comes to live in us, he makes his home in us( John 14:23). This means he becomes one with our spirit and because of this, we become sons of God, for Romans 8:14 says those who are led by the spirit of God are sons of God. This also means we need to let the spirit of God lead us. So as a believer he that lives in us is greater than he that lives in this world indeed.

If we allow the holy spirit to lead us, we are allowing God the father and son to lead us. He then clothes us with power. That is the very first thing we experience. Power to become who God has called us to become and power to do what God has called us to do. For we have not received the spirit of fear but that of power, love and sound mind( 2 Timothy 2:7). when the spirt of God comes on you, you will receive power to become…..( Acts 1:8).

This is how the holy spirit helps us; with power to become and to do. He helps is to be spirit minded and teaches us the right path for his name’s sake(Psalm 23:3 ).

This is the holy spirit. It is impossible to walk with God without the holy spirit.

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