You As A Vessel

The story of Elisha and the widow’s olive oil is really inspiring and we can take some few notes from it. The widow poured until there was no more vessel left. Interestingly, because there was no more vessels, the oil stopped flowing( 2 Kings 4:6). Wow!!. So the oil could have continued flowing if she had more vessels. That’s deep, you can’t pour when there is nothing to contain the pour, can you?

We can see from the story that though empty vessels make noise, they are the ones that can actually be poured into. So as a vessel, we need to free space to allow God pour into us daily.

One way to free space is to give by pouring out unto others. As you refresh others, you empty yourself and then God again pours into you. The one who refreshes is also refreshed.(Proverbs 11: 25)

Another way is to intentionally expand. As you grow in Christ, you expand to carry more of God and to take more of His pour. Work on expanding your spiritual capacity because God is ready to pour out himself.(Acts 2:17). Read the word and pray without ceasing, it helps you to expand.

Also the widow borrowed vessels from her neighbours. Now, are the people around you people that can help you expand? The church you attend should be able to help you expand. Your friends should be able to help you expand. The people around you should be able to lend to you when you need more vessels.( Proverbs 27:17).

Finally, let’s be hungry for God because he fills up those who hunger for him(Mathew 5:6). The more you want him, the more he pours himself into you. Search your heart for that desire. Your hunger for God will determine how much he pours into you.

You as a vessel must always be ready to recieve the outpouring from God, especially in these last days.

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